Debunking the Zodiac/Monster of Florence Theory (ENG)

June, 18th 2018

Last update: June, 21st 2020




– The journalist claims J.B. confessed being the Zodiac and the Monster of Florence. What is actually true is that mr. J.B. denied to have made that confession. According to a newspaper he admitted to have met with a journalist but he decided to give up on him when he noticed that the journalist wanted to attribute to him sentences that he would never have pronounced”.

– The journalist claims several times in his articles that there is an investigation going on in Italy. Actually the only reliable information about this aspect comes from another newspaper (La Nazione, 1-2 June 2018) and reads as follow:

“For the prosecutor’s office of Florence, the report by Amicone was already a dead track when he was summoned by the judicial police the last April. To the investigators, that thread that linked two of the most mysterious serial killers of the history, appeared nothing more than suggestive and fascinating, with forced “joints” based on a “personal” decryption of a code for what concern the mysterious message by Zodiac, and little knowledge of the judicial history regarding the “Monster” case.”


– The journalist said that the Vallejo Police is working on the case. I’ve sent an email to the Vallejo Police Department asking if they know something about mr. J.B.

This is the reply I get on June, 14th 2018 from detective Terry Poyser (lead detective for the Zodiac cold-case) :

“Mr. Bosco,

The Vallejo Police Department does not have fingerprint evidence in relation to the Zodiac cold case, that would only be with the San Francisco PD.

The name you provided is not a person of interest, suspect, or lead in the Zodiac case, as the name is not in our files.

Perhaps you should check with the SFPD.”



– Ulisse IS NOT J.B. The nickname Ulisse was given to an american man called Mario Robert Parker. When Lorenzo Nesi asked to Mario Vanni who was the person responsible for the murders he first agreed on the name of Pacciani. Later on the same conversation he denied that the murderer was Pacciani and said that the killer was “Ulisse”, “the american”. At first he called him the “nero” (black) then he used the word “negro” (nigger). This adjective describes the ethnicity and therefore the color of the skin of this person. When asked further Vanni stated that it was the truth and that even the TV talked about that! (not true).

At that time Mario Vanni started to develop some serious mental illnesses, certified by the psychiatrist of the prison. The whole conversation between Vanni and his friend do not make too much sense. In any case: it’s not sure if Mario Parker was black (maybe he was mulatto), but the only Ulisse (or Uli, as he was called by Lotti according to the statements of Ghiribelli – who talks about him several times during the trial) in this story, very likely, is him and nobody else.

The journalist supports his “Water Theory” highlighting, among other things, that the word “nero” in Greek means “water”. The problem (as mentioned above) is that when Vanni uses the adjective “nero” to describe Ulysses he intends to refer to his ethnicity (skin color). First he calls him “nero” and then “negro”. I think that in this regard there can be no doubts, so the statement that the word “nero” may have some hidden links with the Greek epics, or the attribution of other more or less fanciful meanings, makes no sense.

– The birthday of J.B. DO NOT match Zodiac birthday. AFAIK the “birthday call” did not took place on December, 20 1969. The date of the call seems uncertain but all the sources indicate dec 18, dec 29 or the first weeks of jan 1970 as the possible dates for the call. The date of Zodiac’s birthday is not exactly known, so the journalist’s statement is based on uncertain and unverifiable assumptions.

– The date of a letter sent by Zodiac overlaps with the dates indicating the presence of J.B. in Italy: on July 8, 1974, in fact, Zodiac sends the “Count Marco Red Phantom letter” to the San Francisco Chronicle. J.B. is accredited among the staff of the American Consulate General in Florence from July 1, 1974 until December 31, 1988 (source: Diplomatic Ceremonial of the Republic – Office II – of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). If starting from the first of July 1974 he was in Italy then he couldn’t be in San Francisco to mail the letter.

– Even the real name of J.B. is not clear. J.B. himself declare that his name is G. at the Pacciani trial. But the only available record I was able to find on a U.S. gov. site list him as J.B.

Even in a document about the murder in Scopeti, written by lawyer Vieri Adriani, the italian-american witness is called J.B.

Also in the document of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs previously mentioned he’s called J.B.

– Has been said that J.B. served in the Cambodia campaign. At first it was claimed that he was part of the 25th InfantryThe problem is that the dates of three letters sent by Zodiac (between April and June 1970) overlap with the dates of the Cambodia Campaign, that took place between April 29 and July 22, 1970. Given the short duration of this military operation it is unthinkable that he may have had the opportunity to return to California for two or three times with the sole purpose of posting the letters (and then returning to the battlefield). Later, references to the 25th Infantry disappeared and has been said that J.B. was part of the 5th Infantry. Here things become even more problematic because the dates overlap both with the timeline of the Zodiac case and with that of the Monster of Florence case (Lo Bianco/Locci murder of  21.8.1968):

“By 1968 the division was stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado, as a mechanized formation.[15] 1st Brigade, 5th Infantry Division was dispatched to Vietnam after the Tet Offensive to replace a U.S. Marine Corps unit. The brigade, consisting of one battalion each of infantry, mechanized infantry, and armor, served there from July 1968 until 1971.” (Wikipedia)

It should also be noted that before the dispatch to Vietnam, the 5th Infantry Division was stationed at the Fort Carson base in Colorado. So it is very unlikely that J.B. (even if he may have taken part in the mission with a slight delay) may had the time to make a trip to Italy to commit a murder.


In the swirl of the confusing and conflicting information concerning the military background of J.B. and his presence in Vietnam, it was also claimed that he would be present on that war scenario with the 5th Military Police Battalion CID. Also in this case, however, the statement brings out two temporal overlaps with the Zodiac timeline. The 5th MP-CID, in fact, was made operative in Vietnam from 8 March 1971 until 15 August 1972 (source: On March 13, 1971, Zodiac sent the “Blue Meannies letter” to the Los Angeles Times. On March 22, 1971 he sent “the Lake Tahoe card”, in which Zodiac seems to claim the murder of Donna Lass.

In short: in each proposed hypothesis (each of which seems an attempt to guess the “right” statement) there are problems concerning the dates: regardless  J.B. was part of the 25th infantry, 5th Infantry or 5th MP CID, the dates related to the presence in Vietnam of these military corps overlap with those of the Zodiac timeline.


Another interesting thing to note is that in the pictures available online J.B. wears a Navy uniform, not that of the Infantry.

– Since his deposition to the Pacciani trial in 1994, the alleged perpetretor of the crimes,  shows a lack of knowledge concerning the events: he says that the french girl had short black hair (erroneously reported by several witnesses deemed unreliable) and a great imprecision in placing temporal events; for this reason his testimony is considered unreliable by the lawyer Vieri Adriani.

The same gross imprecision is reported by the journalist author of the scoop: J.B. is not aware that Mario Vanni is dead and he doesn’t know the exact name of another person involved in the story (GPV); he calls him “Raggianti” *.

It is strange that the alleged protagonist of the MDF case, the killer, is not aware of facts so trivial and within everyone’s reach!


* This point is interesting. In some of his statements the journalist suggests that J.B. could be in some way connected to GPV (the famous “Uncle Joe”, from which GPV received an inheritance). How can this be possible if he doesn’t even know his name?

– The journalist claims that Pacciani had met “Ulysses” (J.B.) in the woods. However, when he testify against him at the trial, Pacciani said nothing. He was facing the person that, with his witness, was condemning him to several life sentences; he also knew (according to the journalist’s claims) that that person was the real killer, yet he said nothing. This is very hard to believe, of course! Especially considering that Pacciani never renounced to defend himself and reply to those who accused him (see Pacciani reactions to Mrs. Sperduto and Lorenzo Nesi, for example).

– The Zodiac/MOF theory do not provide any explanation about the 1968 murder (MOF) and the gun used by the “Monster”, which is one of the biggest mysteries of this case. When asked about the the gun (if it was the same of the crime of 1968 and how J.B. acquired it), the journalist demonstrates an approximate knowledge concerning the importance of this element and simply replies: “We’ll know it only when the gun will be found”(?).

– This theory, to be honest, do not provide ANY explanation at all on any aspect of the MOF case! The journalist provided just a list of unverifiable “coincidences” most of them related to the Zodiac Killer, and not a single useful verifiable information about the MOF.

– The journalist do not provide any real proof about the Zodiac case like, for example, the solution of the cyphers or details about the crimes. It just provide some naif interpretations which shows a kiddish method of solution, but not a real solution of any cypher.

– From its participation on social networks (Reddit and Facebook) it is clear – as already noted by the Prosecutor of Florence in the previously quoted article – that the journalist have a lack of knowledge about the Monster of Florence case (inaccuracy concerning the facts, the name of Gabriella Ghiribelli becomes Patrizia, Francesco Vinci is called Fabio, etc.) which is inadequate with the knowledge required by the author of an investigation aimed at revealing disconcerting truths such as those presented in his inquiry.



– The solution of the “my name cypher” doesn’t make any sense at all! The solution do not follow any real logic, it’s just something you can come up to by starting from the solution. The solution do not solve the cypher, it just skip it for no apparent reason. The encoding and decoding of an encrypted message (like those sent by Zodiac) involves the use of a complex methodology that has nothing to do with the methods proposed by the journalist (see here for an example).

Also the jump from the word Ulisse to the word Enea (to solve the first part of the cypher) do not have any logic explanation. Last but not least: as said above J.B. is not Ulisse, so he can’t be Enea as well. This is a big problem because it is the proof that the first part of the solution must be wrong and, consequently, the whole logic behind the solution become uncertain.

– According with the journalist the Halloween card solution allows to find all the letters of the name “G.B.”. No, this is not true (in order to obtain the name you have to select some letters several times).

– According with the journalist, when asked where he would hide the bodies of his victims, “Joediac” replied that he would have thrown the bodies on the peaks of the mountains… from an elicopter! Then he changed his mind and indicated the Emerald Bay on a map. Only at the third attempt he chose Heavenly Valley (which is a place of interest for the Zodiac case). This isn’t the  answer of a person which actually knows the facts, it resembles just the suppositions that any person could do in a conversation about that subject.

– In one article the journalist claims that the US judges started to work on the case. [Corrigendum: the author of this statement is the journalist Edoardo Montolli in  an article published on “Il Giornale” on May 31th 2018].

Actually it seems no one knows about this story in the USA, but reddit users. The explansion he gives for this statement is embarrassing; he says that since some old images depicting J.B. when he was still in service appeared on the web, this must mean that the US judges started to work at the case (!).

– When the journalist rang Joediac’s bell he looked out on the balcony and… he was scared! Really?

– In half a century Joediac allegedly teased SFPD, FBI, italian Carabinieri and Police, never get involved in any trial, never left any known clue behind him, no one ever decoded his cyphers, no one ever solved the gun mystery (MOF)… All of this just to confess (all of a sudden) who he really is to the first journalist passing by… in change of a beer. Really!?

– On 31 may 2018 I sent a mail to the journalist congratulating with him for the fake news and wondering how they thought to get away with it. He sent me this reply: “con ironia” (with irony). Whatever it means it doesn’t sound good.


TO SUM UP: There is not a single valid point in this story, either on the zodiac or mof case. There are not real proofs. Most of the statements cannot be verified, some elements are just distorted to fit the story and explanations (see Ulisse), others are just pure fantasy. There is only one source for all the claims that have been made: the journalist behind the “scoop”. If you look for other sources you either cannot find a confirm or you find just mismatches.

I’m not saying that this is fake, but right now, with these “proofs”, this theory can be believed just as an act of faith. Maybe it is true but as far as I can see this whole thing it looks like a bull but it smells like shit!


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